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Solutions & Services
“Innovation, development and disclosure of dedicated products in the area of Real-time Monitoring, Control and Management of
Geo-Referenced Information”…
Quatenus International’s Geo-location monitoring solutions can be applied to any kind of assets, either fixed or movable, that are critical for the business performance of a company. These assets may be pieces of equipment/hardware, people and teams.

The company offers its partners and final clients a wide array of services through a SaaS-based model via on its own datacenters, and ensures that the contracted service levels are maintained. Quatenus’ product portfolio covers specific needs of organization as well as individual clients. At the organizations level, Quatenus’ products are grouped as follows:

Quatenus Fleet Edition:
◦ Fleet Rental
◦ Fleet Express
◦ Fleet Professional

Quatenus Asset Edition:
◦ Machine
◦ Computers
◦ Mobile Devices
Quatenus Team Edition:
◦ Team Express
◦ Team Professional
For more information, kindly visit  www1.quatenus.pt