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Solutions & Services
“Delivering easy to use technology that empowers patients
and healthcare professionals to collaborate on the management of their
health while lowering costs and increasing the availability of healthcare”...
Health Net Connect’s (HNC) telemedicine solution offers a combination of HIPAA and HITECH-compliant video consultations combined with the ability to capture, secure, and retrieve patient vitals. Our focus is on two use case scenarios: Remote Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine.

HNC’s health monitoring solutions are used by patients to remotely measure and upload their vitals for later review by their healthcare professionals. Vital information, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight is encrypted and securely transmitted using FIPS 140-2 encryption, and transported to our HIPAA-compliant portal for later review from any web capable device.
HNC’s Telemedicine solution uses similar software and video conferencing as Remote Patient Monitoring, but adds in more sophisticated medical devices such as Stethoscope, 12-Lead ECG, Microscope Camera, and Portable Ultrasound devices. All devices in both the Remote Patient Monitoring, as well as the Telemedicine Solution, is commercially off the shelf (COTS) devices.
Both use cases utilize FDA-approved medical devices that are connected to either a tablet computer or an all in one computer, utilizing BluetoothTM or USB connections. The video conferencing solution can be leveraged using WiFi, broadband, or LAN connections. Both solutions are easy to use and can be packaged in a single ruggedized case for secure transport.
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