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Background &Profile
  “Adaptable solutions, Endless possibilities”…  
Founded in early 2013, Through Technology Group (TTG) has operations and representation in the USA, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

TTG is a dynamic global technology company whose modus operandi is to license and market innovative game-changing solutions (as opposed to legacy systems).

We promote scalable and adaptable technologies, coupled with disruptive business models, thereby reducing capital and operating expenses for enterprises (and customers) in today’s chaotic, rapidly changing technology environments.

Our solutions and services include:

        • Integrated Networking and Communications Software Solutions
        • Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions & Services
        • Wifi, Analytics, CRM, Advertising Solutions & Services
        • IoT, Geo-location Asset Tracking Solutions & Services
        • eHealth and Telemedicine Solutions
Management & Leadership  
TTG is managed and propelled by a very experienced and highly qualified international executive team whose leadership is provided by:
Dr. Tim A. Williams
Dr. Tim Williams has more than 37 years of experience building high-growth, high technology companies. Combining his experience in Silicon Valley startup companies with a strong educational base, Tim brings significant experience in both technology and business leadership required to create successful high-growth companies.

Tim has been a principal in 15 start-up companies of which four have sold for over US$300 million each. One of these was Atheros Communications (wireless LAN), which was purchased in June 2011 by Qualcomm for US$3.3 billion.

Many of the companies where Tim has played a significant role are private but recognized leaders in the areas of telephony, wireless LAN and massively parallel computers used in high speed computation. He received his B.S. and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He also holds a Ph.D. in the subject of Fields and Waves and received his MBA at the University of Texas in Austin, specializing in finance. Tim is a registered patent agent and is named inventor on 26 issued U.S. Patents in the areas of Wireless communications, telephony and digital signal processing.

Tim A. Williams PhD, MBA
(Founder & Group Chairman)
Daniel Field
Daniel Field is internationally recognized for his leadership, highly diversified background and vision in the technology sector. With more than 32 years of experience building and managing high-growth high technology companies, he is recognized for formulating and deploying strategic initiatives that focus on the development of integrated and disruptive technologies.

Recognizing that high-growth technology firms thrive when they combine superior management with creative and dedicated teams and individuals, Daniel has identified opportunities and developed new tools, processes and applications that reshape businesses with innovative technological solutions. Early in his career, Daniel recognized that disruptive innovations have served as the basis for success of technology companies that add value and create new opportunities at extremely competitive prices.

The companies Daniel has founded, and or invested in, have specialized in a number of divergent markets but with emphases in Internet Security, Health Care, Education and Olympic Sport Federations. Daniel’s development expertise includes Voice Biometrics, Communications, Networking, Software & Database design and implementation and Mobility Application Development.

CIO Review, the leading global tech magazine, voted Daniel as their Entrepreneur of the Month in April 2015. He received his B.Sc. degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the University of Arizona, and his Master of Science degree from the University of Nevada.

Daniel Field MSc.
(Founder & Group CEO)